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Embrace your skin: the movement’s story.

The creation of EMBRACE YOUR SKIN was born at the beginning of 2019.

Read on to discover what sparked our desire for meaningful change in the way we talk about acne.

At Bioderma, to develop skincare solutions we are inspired by the skin itself

In February 2019, we took our first step towards the creation of EMBRACE YOUR SKIN. We wanted to really understand better the challenges and experiences faced by those living with acne and their understanding of their skin condition. At an event called "Sébium: Sharing & Learning", we met with a group of people with personal experiences of acne and took the opportunity to interact and listen to people’s needs, expectations and disappointments as well as strengthen their knowledge about the skin dysfunction that causes acne.

Thanks to this insightful evening, we very quickly understood that we had a mission to empower people with the right information about their skin and the way it functions. At Bioderma, we believe that self-awareness is at the basis of every change. 


In addition to the desire of raising self-awareness about the skin and its functions, people show more and more that they love themselves for who they are, how they look, flaws and all. #skinpositivity does not only accept a person’s imperfections, but celebrates them for the mental strength and resilience they build in us. It is this disruption of the flawless skin myth and desire to replace it with a new definition of beauty that we want to promote through EMBRACE YOUR SKIN, together let’s promote self-love.

Join the movement, share your story!

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