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4 key learnings by Bioderma

with Rebecca Wordingham

"Ensure your face is thoroughly cleansed of makeup and dirt especially before bed, really important the skin has time to repair and heal over night.


I like to use Sensibio H20 to remove my makeup and then use Sebium Foaming gel wash."

1. Cleanse

"Suncream can be scary if you have oily skin.

I find using the Photoderm Aquafluid Light Tint in SPF50+ is great as if gives a little coverage and also is matt and non comedogenic (therefore the pores won't feel heavy and clogged)."

3. Protect

"It's extremely important to continue to moisturise even if you have spot prone skin, if you do not this could create potentially more issues, as the sebum glands work on overload.


I would suggest Sebium Hydra or Mat Control in the day, my favourite primer for the skin is also the Sebium Pore Refiner, great for men and woman."

2. Moisturise

"I also love to encourage people to give themselves a lymphatic drainage massage on their face and down their neck


Do help toxins flush away and to encourage blood flow and circulation, which again helps with repairing the skin."

4. Care

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 13.49.03.png

"I’ve been a makeup artist for 11 years and have worked on editorials such as British Vogue, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Document Journal, ES magazine, ST magazine & Glamour to name a few. I've also worked on top models including Gigi Hadid and on a number of top campaigns for fashion and beauty brands. I am the Creative Director of The London School Of Media Make Up (The LSMM) which is a huge passion of mine. 


I am so excited to be working with Bioderma on the EMBRACE YOUR SKIN movement. For me, skin is at the essence of what I do. Empowering and creating a strong positive community is at the core of my beliefs and what better way to be a part of a movement with one of my favourite most trusted brands!


I feel strongly that I can provide an insight into an industry where photoshopping is the norm, and reassure people that this is most definitely not reality, nor is it true beauty.  For me, enhancing the face and taking care of yourself are the most important factors. Beauty really sings through from the inside out."


Make-up Artist